The Finest Daily Fantasy Sports Sites in Indiana for Legal Wagering

In Indiana, daily fantasy sports are entirely permissible. In March 2016, notwithstanding the state’s inclination towards a conservative stance on gambling in general, then-Governor Mike Pence ratified a significant legislative measure that classified daily fantasy sports as a game of skill and consequently granted an exemption from the state’s regulations pertaining to unlawful gambling. Daily fantasy sports enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that contests centered around college or high school sports are prohibited in the Hoosier State, the jurisdiction of the NCAA.

An Overview of Online Daily Fantasy Sports in Indiana

The state of Indiana’s authorization of daily fantasy sports was unexpected, considering its longstanding opposition to online wagering. In contrast to numerous other states that navigate a murky legal landscape, Indiana’s state statutes make explicit reference to online wagering, thereby establishing its unequivocal legal standing.

A Senate bill introduced in 2016 with the intention of legalizing and regulating daily fantasy sports garnered significant support, ultimately receiving the signature of Governor Mike Pence. Every significant operator in the state has been permitted to offer daily fantasy sports to Indian citizens ever since this legislation was enacted.

The recently enacted legislation unequivocally prohibited daily fantasy wagers on amateur sports. This is significant because Indianapolis is the headquarters of both the NCAA, which organizes collegiate athletics, and the national association of high school sports organizations, both of which wield considerable influence over state politics.

Due to the fact that Indiana was among the first states to legalize and regulate daily fantasy sports, the outcome of this legislation will significantly influence whether or not other states decide to do the same.

The legislative history of daily fantasy sports
Indiana law is crystal clear regarding daily fantasy sports; unlike in many other states, where the legislation is bewilderingly equivocal, these activities do not qualify as unlawful wagering and are permissible for all Indian citizens over the age of 18. It seems that daily fantasy sports were already prohibited under the state’s prohibition on all forms of online wagering prior to the enactment of the 2016 law. Indiana became one of the states to fully legalize daily fantasy sports, joining Virginia in doing so with the passage of this legislation; a number of other states have since followed suit.

Age Requirement for Daily Fantasy Bets in Indiana

In Indiana, participants in daily fantasy sports must be at least 18 years old. The extent to which the 2016 legislation requiring operators to verify the ages of participants is stringent remains uncertain. Nevertheless, operators who are discovered to be catering to minors can anticipate significant financial penalties, particularly in this relatively traditional state that is among the limited number of jurisdictions that enforce laws against illicit poker activities. In Indiana, engaging in any type of unlawful wagering incurs a Class B misdemeanor charge.